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Get Fireproof at Aquinas and More

I'm sure you've heard of Fireproof, the inspirational and surprisingly successful film about a troubled marriage on the brink of divorce. Released in fall 2008, this movie is continuing to be mentioned all over the place. We are happy to be carrying it at Aquinas and More, because the message of the film is so positive and hopeful in favor of fighting for marriage in a time when divorce doesn't seem to phase most people anymore. It's recommended for all married couples, for those contemplating marriage, and for those who believe that marriage is sacred and worth preserving. Get your copy of this wonderful film today, and share the message with any married couples you know.

The official film website has several suggestions from the USCCB for Catholic resources to supplement the message of this film, for those wanting to know better how to “fireproof their marriages.” These titles include Amazing Grace for Married Couples, with 12 inspiring stories of renewed love in marriages that were on the brink of disaster; Marriage as Gift, a book filled with wisdom on building a lifelong marriage founded on mutual love, respect, and commitment, and explores topics such as practicing the faith as a couple, Catholic family planning, encouragement for new parents, understanding the Rite of Marriage, and coping with marital difficulties; and God's Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage, a wonderful new marriage preparation supplement based on John Paul II's Theology of the Body that offers a  more complete understanding of God's plan for marriage. This program includes a six-DVD set, a six-CD set, a Couple's Workbook, and an Instructor's Edition.

In addition to these great resources, we also have a number of other marriage resources that would be great for anyone looking to strengthen their marriage or looking for the perfect gift for a couple getting married. Prayers for Married Couples contains over 75 prayers that express the hopes, the concerns, and the dreams of married couples today. The prayers cover many of the circumstances that couples often face. This would make a great book for couples at any stage of marriage, from those newly married to those who have been married many years. Heaven's Song, a recent release from Christopher West, explores the “hidden” talks of John Paul II's Theology of the Body. It includes discussion of the Song of Songs, spiritual attacks on marriages today, and real life stories of men and women who found hope and healing through Theology of the Body. Whether you know much about Theology of the Body or not, this book will make you want to learn more. Out of Eden helps people reflect on how God can help us through blocked communication and how we can lead lives of deeper connection and meaning. Any of these books would make wonderful resources for any married couple – whether it be yours or that of someone you know.

Browse our other books about marriage here, where we have many helpful resources on the topic of marriage, Theology of the Body, family, and relationships. And don't forget to order your copy of Fireproof!

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