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Funny, This Wasn't the Tone Taken During the Priest Abuse Scandal

But, then again, this is the public school system, not the Catholic Church.

Here are some choice quotes from the article:

Though small statistically, the number of abusive teachers is too high, South Carolina Education Superintendent Jim Rex wrote after reading the AP report.

Heeding a steady drumbeat of sexual misconduct cases involving teachers, at least 15 states are now considering stronger oversight and tougher punishment for educators who take advantage of their students.

When abuse happens, administrators too often fail to let others know about it, and too many legal loopholes let offenders stay in the classroom.

Several states are tackling a major problem — the loopholes that allow problem teachers to move from one school district to another, or from one state to another.

The AP investigation found that what education officials commonly call “passing the trash” happens when districts allow a teacher to quietly leave a school, or fail to report problems to state authorities, or fail to check with state authorities before hiring a teacher, among other glitches.

Fortunately, states are considering allowing teachers to marry so that should fix the problem.

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  1. Is there are book describing the full life of St.Anthony of the desert.

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