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First Night of Catholic New Media Celebration (cnmc09) over, whew!

So today I flew down to San Antonio to attend the Catholic New Media Celebration. A few things I learned today:

  • Going to an 8am Mass before trying to make an 11:40 flight in a city an hour a way is a great way to get your adreneline up.
  • Texas is just as hot and humid as it was years ago when we lived here. 101 today.
  • Row eleven window is the best seat on Frontier Airlines – no seat in front of you.
  • When the lady at the shuttle counter says the shuttle will be leaving in 15 minutes, she really means that in 30 minutes she'll send you outside to wait 15 minutes before the shuttle shows up.
  • Fr. Seraphim of Catholic Under the Hood fame, looks just like his Twitter picture.
  • Just because your hotel is called Raddison on the Riverwalk doesn't mean it actually is. They just call it that.
  • Danielle Bean is about the same height as my wife. She looks taller in her Twitter picture.
  • Lisa Hendey conspired with my wife to use a picture of our family in an upcoming book. I wasn't in the loop on that one.
  • Marc and Katherine, Catholics in a Small Town, are a riot. And their new baby Jude is really cute.
  • Fr. Roderick speaks better English than most Americans and has more energy than my kids.
  • Julie Davis is a great beta tester for our Tiber River review site.
  • All old county courthouses look the same:
    San Antonio Courthouse
  • BarbInNebraska doesn't look quite like her Twitter picture and she didn't know about our Catholic Summer Reading sheets for kids!
  • The wireless in this hotel really takes me back – it's like using dial-up!
  • The San Antonio airport is a disaster. Everything is under construction.
  • I have the smallest phone of anyone at this conference.
  • I think I am also the only person at the conference NOT carrying a portable mp3 microphone.
  • The San Antonio cathedral looks really neat at night:
    San Antonio Cathedral at NightSan Antonio Cathedral at Night
  • The courthhouse looks good at night too:
    San Antonio Courthouse at Night
  • If you are involved in a parish you need to check out Matt Warner's Flocknote.com.
  • I should have brought earplugs. The a/c in my room sounds like a truck.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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