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First Communion Veils Are In


Before you go out and buy that cheap, mass-produced Chinese veil for your daughter for First Communion take a moment to consider what you are doing.

  1. You are supporting some corporation that probably cares as much about First Communion as they do about any other profit center and would just as happily sell pagan crystals if they thought there was enough of a market.
  2. If you check the label you are probably also supporting China. You know, the forced abortion, imprisoning priests and bishops without trials, poisoning our children, China.

This year, for your daughter's special day why don't you consider an alternative? Aquinas and More chapel veils are hand-made here in the United States by family-run businesses.

Each veil is meticulously sewn and accented with an assortment of beads, ribbons and lace.

The veil above is our St. Maria Goretti First Communion veil. This veil features a full veil with either a comb or barrette for easy fastening. Just look at the detail in the headpiece!

My mother-in-law made the dress that all of our daughters have worn but if she hadn't, we would have purchased one of these veils.

There are several other veil styles to choose from so please take a look!

Do you want to see my First Communion picture? Check it out on Facebook!


Do you have your First Communion Bible yet? We imprint!

Browse our extensive selection of other First Communion gifts. All carry our return anytime guarantee and none are from China.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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