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First Communion Traditions

This is a combination of two blog posts from earlier this year.

When my oldest daughter made her First Communion we wanted to do something special for the priest, who was a close family friend. We decided to make a banner. Since then, each First Communicant has made a small felt banner in honor of their special day, to present to the priest giving the First Communion. It has been a nice tradition and each child looks forward to designing and creating their banner. Since we know we are giving it away, we always take a picture of our First Communicant with their artistic creation.

Here they are, all six of them!


Having just gone through our last First Communion, I guess the family traditions that we have established are seeming a bit more important. The other very important tradition in our family, associated with First Communion, is a framed photo of the First Communicant with their priest. Only one child didn’t have a pic with the priest as it didn’t turn out well. Here they are, all in unique silver frames:

1st Communion

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  1. I should have thought to mention this, but the veil that my 5 daughters are wearing in the pics above is my very own First Communion veil. Just an after thought!

  2. I’m glad you remembered the veil. It’s my favorite part of this traditiion.

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