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First Communion Stories

Our Catholic Church had burned down when I was in first grade, so a temporary “Church” was set up in the school gymnasium while the new Church was being built. It wasn't ready by the time of my First Holy Communion in May of 1968, so I vividly remember walking up to receive our Lord for the first time and feeling like I was almost “floating” – I was so filled with joy! – as I walked back to the folding chair and knelt on the hard floor to pray and thank our Lord for coming to me in my heart, soul and body. After Mass, while we were taking pictures outside in the school lawn, our Pastor gave me a hug after getting a picture with me! I had never been hugged by a priest before and felt like Jesus Himself had hugged me! I stayed in my beautiful white dress all day and remember all of the Joy of that unforgettable and holy day! Glory be to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!

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