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First Communion Ring

I made my first Holy Communion many years ago, and I am curious about a tradition of giving a ring to a girl on her First Holy Communion. My mother told me a friend of hers explained it was a tradition in her ethnic group (Italian?) to give a girl a ring on the occasion of her first Communion.  My mother liked the idea, and gave me a beautiful ring, white gold with a very small diamond chip in the center and roses carved on either side of the stone. I've always worn it (having had it enlarged some years later) and always considered it an “engagement” ring.  I did feel called to a religious vocation, but not necessarily to any religious order.  I eventually heard of the Consecration of Women to a Life of Virginity Lived in the World and recognized it as my call.  I was  Consecrated by my Diocesan Bishop several years ago and now wear another ring (three tri-gold bands)  on my right hand as a Bride of Christ and my “engagement” ring on my left hand.  If you know of the First Communion ring tradition, would you please provide more information. Thank you and God bless.

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