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First Communion of an Older Adult

My profound spiritual experience commenced with my ‘First Communion' at the Pope John Paul II Church in Bigfork Montana. On that special day i could not have been more nervous. I prayed over……and over…….and over again the Memorare that I would not spill one drop of wine. I seated myself on the back row of the church as was my habit while silently continuing my prayer of the Memorare.

My cradle Catholic friend, Maureen, and catalyst to my Catholic journey in RCIA (Rite of Christian initiation for Adults) Inquiry class asked what in the world I was doing on the back row. She marched me right to the very front row, and was there for me throughout. Until the moment I took the ‘body of Christ' I was praying the Memorare to please let me be successful in the completion of substantiation. Christ was present when I slipped my hand around the chalice. I was now part of the paschal mystery by taking my ‘First Communion' from Father Don Shea. It was most important to me as Father Don had participated in my Catholic RCIA Inquiry class in 2006. Other painful steps had to be taken before my ‘First Communion' in October 11, 2008.

It had been a long process, and had required patience, and Faith that one day I could take my ‘First Communion.'

I only have one regret and that is that I could not have commenced this spiritual journey of ‘First Communion' as a child. What a blessing for a child to do so.

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  1. I think it is great that you had such a great experience. I am interested in becoming Catholic myself and hope to start RCIA soon. I have two children, one of who has his First Communion in June. I am so excited for him, and would have loved to have been able to do the same as a child.

  2. Victoria,

    Thank you for your comment. I have just now said a prayer for your successful
    journey in RCIA. RCIA is ‘not’ just nice to have, but a must! What wisdom the
    Catholic Church has for offering such an Inquiry class. And you show wisdom
    in making this Catholic journey a reality for your son’s First Communion.

    God Bless!

  3. Welcome home to you from this cradle Catholic! Please understand that you should not lament not being Catholic since childhood! I rejoice that as adults you have CHOSEN the one true Church! What a great grace you’ve been given! 🙂 Hugs to you in Christ!

  4. Judi,

    Just received your email late last evening. How uplifting, your comment…’CHOSEN.’ Thank you so much. I have just ordered some
    things from Aquinas, one of which is “Spiritual Advice from John Paul II.,” and
    two candles with the inscription “My First Communion Candle with Body of Christ.”
    One copy of “Spiritual Advice from John Paul II,” will be for the couple, Karen and Earl who went through RICA with me.

    God Bless you Judi

  5. I have just started RCIA in Great Falls and will take First Communion with my 7 year old son in February. I am very excited and feel blessed to be sharing this day with my son. I have so far found RCIA exactly want I needed and wanted.

  6. Ktucker,

    I am excited for you. And what a blessing to be sharing this spiritual moment with your son. As you move through your Catholic Inquiry class you will realize with every session of instruction that you a part of an extraordinary ages old ‘Traditions’ that held for me……..great spiritual substance.

    God Bless you Ktucker and son

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