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First Communion Gifts

If you are a parent of a child making their First Holy Communion this year, you probably remember receiving your first rosary or prayer book on your special day.  I still have my white rosary that came in a white silk purse.  Such a gift from parent to child is always cherished and meaningful. Nowadays you can even find special First Communion rosaries that are Eucharistic in theme.   A Mass Book (Missal) especially ties in well to the focus of the day — the Eucharist — and is something that can help your child grow and understand their faith continually.

Perhaps you are not a parent but are a relative or friend helping to celebrate this special day with a child.  If you are planning for a young lady, First Communion jewelry is both thoughtful and tasteful. Such items could be a crucifix or a medallion.  It is not uncommon for a young man to receive jewelry either in the form of a cross or medal. Though it is not quite jewelry, a scapular would also be a traditional gift for both. Monstrance pins are also popular.

Did you know there is a Patron Saint of First Communicants? Blessed Imelda is her name. There is even a book, written as part of the Mary Fabian Windyatt series, that is perfect for this age group that is the story of Blessed Imelda.  Other book suggestions might be a Saint's Treasury, a first Bible, or the book “Today I Made My First Communion”.

To commemorate this day, a child might also enjoy creating their own First Communion Banner. Another special idea is to have a holy card personalized and printed with the child's name, date, and a prayer. This is a great way to celebrate with family and friends who might not otherwise be able to attend.

A prayer for First Holy Communion

My Lord Jesus Christ, I firmly believe that I am about to receive, in Communion, Your Body, Your Blood, Your Soul and Your Divinity. I believe it because You have said it, and I am ready to give my life to maintain this truth.



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