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Daily Roman Missal Cover
Daily Roman Missal Cover

Finally! A Cover For Your Daily Roman Missal

Tired of your Daily Roman Missal getting damaged?

It's time to stop worrying.

For a long time there hasn't been a way to really protect the investment you made in your Daily Roman Missal. Various covers that seemed like they might be the right size were always a little too small because they were made for the Liturgy of the Hours, not a missal.
Finally, we have a solution. The publisher of the Daily Roman Missal have created a custom cover just for their missal. This cover is just what you were looking for:
  • Perfectly sized for your missal
  • Imitation black leather to keep the cost down
  • Over extended zipper allows the cover to hold your missal flat.
  • Rigid front and back to protect your missal's corners if you drop it,
  • Made in India NOT China
  • Made specifically for the standard-size seventh edition (large print cover not available)

Daily Roman Missal Cover


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