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Father Rawley Myers, a Holy Priest, Popular Author

On November 25th, 2009 Father Rawley Myers died at the age of 85. He had been a priest for sixty years and was the biggest fan of St. Mary's High School here in Colorado Springs.

From his obituary:

Father Myers was a priest for 60 years, with more than half of that serving what would become the Diocese of Colorado Springs. In addition to being a priest, he was a writer of many books over five decades, an editor of the Lincoln Register for a decade, a columnist, a publisher and an educator.

“He was a great proclaimer of the goodness of God in lots of media. He did it in his availability to people, he did it in the written word, and he did it in his preaching all his life,” said Msgr. Don Dunn, who spent a great deal of time with Father Myers in recent years. “He never gave up that sense of being a proclaimer of God’s word. . . . He never gave up trying to live life as fully as he could.” (Read the rest of Fr. Myer's obituary)

Upon his death, the Diocese of Colorado Springs gave the local Serra Vocations Club several boxes of his books. In conjunction with the Serra Club, we are offering sets of these books at 40% off retail as a fundraiser for the club. The set includes:

  • Embraced by Mary – For centuries, people from all walks of life have turned to Mary, asking for her help, encouragement, and intercession. In this book of reflections, all who approach Mary will feel the compassionate embrace of a mother's love. Every Marian feast day and memorial throughout the year is included, as well as readings for every Saturday and the entire months of May and October. If you've ever wanted to experience Mary's love in your life, Embraced by Mary is certain to bring you closer to both Mary and her Son, Jesus.
  • A Bishop Sheen Catechism – This little gem of a book features many of the late Fulton Sheen's profound sayings collected in a simple catechism form.
  • A Life of Christ for Ordinary People – This short and simple life of Our Lord has been a favorite of Father Myers' readers for many years.

You can also purchase Father Myer's other titles.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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