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Fallen Fiction – The Truth About Angels & Demons

The movie, Angels & Demons was released to 3,500 theaters around the country on May 15 and now has grossed over $356 million.

So what’s the problem?

While being hailed as a masterful work of cinema, Angels & Demons grossly mischaracterizes the Catholic Church. This movie assaults the faith of millions and may damage the faith of those who know little about Catholic teaching and the Church's influence on Western history.

Wrapped in an exciting story of mystery and intrigue, Angels & Demons clearly seems to have an anti-Catholic agenda, that of portraying the Church to be a murderous institution bent on eliminating those who would foster scientific progress.

Lighthouse Catholic Media has teamed up with Matthew Arnold to set the record straight in a FREE DOWNLOAD audio presentation, Fallen Fiction – The Truth About Angels & Demons, for you, no strings attached.

Fallen Fiction – The Truth About Angels & Demons is a fantastic resource containing questions and answers that dispel the misguided claims made in the movie’s story.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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