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Facing Overwhelming Odds, This Saved Christendom

October 7th, 1571. A day that everyone who has an appreciation for Western Civilization should know and celebrate.

For seven centuries the Christian West had been losing a war against the encroaching Muslims. Africa had fallen. Jerusalem and the Middle East were lost. Spain fell and it was only the courage of Charles Martel of France that kept the Muslims from spilling over the Pyrenees into France. The Byzantine Empire, long the buffer between Europe and the East had fallen.

The Ottoman Empire had renewed the press westward in 1560 and most of the islands in the Eastern Mediterranean had already been taken. Their next targets were Rome and Venice. Pope St. Pius V sent requests to the European monarchs asking for help in repelling the Ottoman Fleet. Queen Elizabeth was too busy fighting with Spain. France had a sometimes-alliance with the Turks and the sick king didn't see the threat. King Phillip II of Spain was preoccupied with his colonies in America and the ongoing conflict with England but did send Don Juan of Austria and some ships to help.

On the morning of October 7th, Don Juan led a fleet with 25% fewer ships against the Ottoman navy just South of the town of Lepanto.

What happened next?

Take 15% off the special sacramental that helped lead Don Juan to Victory for the rest of the month.

Also, take 15% off the image that Don Juan carried in his flag ship on the day of the battle.

One More Month to Prepare

With little more than a month until the revised Mass translation goes into effect, now is the time to get serious about  preparations.

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