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Ever Wonder Why Catholics Aren't Catholic?

I've already posted two examples here and here. Today we are treated to a third. The U.S. anti-Catholic has an article this issue endorsing the idea of betrothal cohabitation and sex as something the Church should consider accepting as morally sound. Why should anyone care about this magazine? Well, the website was just awarded first place by the Catholic Press Association.

You see, there is a “Catholic” establishment made up of self promoting and congratulating members who control the greater percentage of religious education material, Catholic press, “Catholic” music and publishing in this country. These organizations are contributing to the destruction of the Catholic Church in the United States and they are the semi-official filters of what passes for Catholicism in this country. I would wish that the USCCB would do something about this but the USCCB is a board member of the Catholic Publishers Association. You know, the group that just gave a lifetime achievement award to an ex-priest who edits books for a dissident porn writer.

(H/T Curt Jester)


  1. I remember fr. benedict groeschel (sp?), at a gathering of priests, who were concerned about this exact thing. We seem to delight in shooting ourselves in the foot……
    His response, if I remember correctly, was a wave of the hand of the catholic press, saying “this too shall pass.” He focused instead on one of his great “a thought, gentlemen”. He used the image of the Hippo (no, not the St.). His focus was on the reality that it appears slow, lacking graceful movement or style at times, when on land, but in the water………. His invitation proved beneficial for myself many times.

    Remind your friend that there are good Catholic publishing groups. Those that don’t want them because they are too “catholic” don’t deserve their work. I think of Ascension Press right here in Penna. and I’m sure there are more!

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