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Basics of Catholic Living
Basics of Catholic Living

Essential reading for heaven-bound pilgrims

There are a handful
of simple habits that have
been practiced by every saint.

And each of these habits
can easily be integrated into
your life as well.

In the spiritual life, if you practice
the basics well, God will fill you with
the graces you need to persevere to the end.

That's why we've compiled our
Basics of Catholic Living Set.

These are essential books that
should be in every Catholic's library.

Indeed, you'll find yourself
returning to these spiritual
classics time and time again.

How to Make a Good Confession shows you how to carry the grace of Confession into your daily life and start winning your battles against sin.

How to Pray Always offers sure ways to recollect yourself so that your prayers are richer and more productive.

The Art of Loving God shows you how to avoid the distractions that trouble and weary your soul, and how you can focus your energy simply on loving God.

How to Make Sense of Suffering helps you see that misfortunes are not the blind workings of chance, but are vital elements in God's loving plan.

How to Resist Temptation identifies for you the elements of temptation and offers practical advice on how to guard against even the unrecognized causes of temptation.

Basics of Catholic Living
$47.80 – 5 volume set

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