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Emmaus Road New Releases for Fall 2011 and 2012

Emmaus Road is the official publishing division for Catholics United For the Faith. They specialize in group Bible study books such as Stacy Mitch's Courageous series and the Come and See Bible studies for children and adults and apologetics with a few other titles in the mix. Even though Emmaus Road doesn't produce a lot of books each year, the new releases are always great reading and will help you learn more about and strengthen your faith.


Infinite Bandwidth – Encountering Christ in the Media 

IPads, the Internet, Android phones – is all of this digital technology evil? Do we, as Catholics, need to shun the digital age? Eugene Gan, a professor at Steubenville says no. As in ages past, the Church has always embraced media and used it to spread the Gospel. This new book provides seven guiding principles for using the Internet and technology responsibly. This book will be a great compliment to the USCCB's new Social Media guidelines.


The Pope and the CEO

I admit it, I like reading business books. Good to Great and Built to Last are two of my favorites. So of course, this book caught my eye. First, it was written by a former Swiss Guard for Blessed John Paul II. This alone puts the book in a class of its own, kind of like reading a book by a former Navy Seal. This was one of the reasons we selected this as an option for the Catholic Summer Reading program. Second, this former Swiss Guard is now a successful businessman and explains how his experience as a Swiss Guard and the lessons he learned from Pope John Paul II can be effectively carried over into the secular world of running companies. I'm adding this one to my shelf.


Girl's Night Out Having Fun with Your Daughter While Raising a Woman of God


I have six daughters and know that outside our home the world has become a much less spiritually safe place for raising children than when I was growing up. Still, it is possible to raise virtuous women and this book is a great guide for moms who want to spend time with your daughters and at the same time teach them virtues.



The Evangelization Equation The Who, What, and How 

American culture is getting more hostile to the message of the Gospel but it isn't too late. Father Wehner explains how the New Evangelization is a call for Catholics to engage the culture and start leading the re-conversion of society.

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