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Effortlessly Spreading the Faith

During the upcoming World Youth Day, you'll see groups of people from all over the world who have gathered in Australia to declare their faith proudly, out in the open for all to see. Many of these pilgrims might be in various styles and colors of matching T-shirts and other apparel to help locate members of their respective groups. Through wearing these various pieces of apparel, people can literally wear their faith on their sleeves. It is important in today's world that we are not hiding our faith, but rather proclaiming it to everyone we see (or who sees us). By wearing apparel that shows our faith to the world, we can invite others to learn more about Catholicism.

Maybe you're the leader of a youth group, a teacher, or just someone who wants to bring a bit of unity to your group for an event. Aquinas and More has an extensive collection of T-shirts with various graphics that can be perfect for schools, youth groups, and parishes. These shirts can be bought in large quantities at a bulk price and used as a sign of solidarity for the group, or sold at retail price to raise money.

110% Catholic T-Shirt

We also have hoodies and baseball caps for those who would like to go a different route than T-shirts.

Fleur de Lis Ball Cap

Next week while following World Youth Day coverage, watch for the groups with matching apparel. Now is the perfect time for you to start thinking about getting T-shirts for your school, parish, or youth group to have them in time for the beginning of the school year. Call or contact Aquinas and More to inquire about custom T-shirts as well.

Don't be afraid to share your faith with the world, whether in a group or by yourself!

In My Place T-Shirt

To see all our T-shirt designs, visit the Aquinas and More T-Shirts and Accessories category here.

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