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"Eastern Catholicism" at Aquinas and More

Here at Aquinas and More Catholic Goods we are reaching out to the greater Catholic community of churches to serve the needs of all faithful Christians who are in communion with the Holy See, Rome.

To this end, we have just launched our new “Eastern Catholicism” specialty store with over 200 items with appeal, in this early stage, primarily to Byzantine Rite Catholics who comprise the majority of Eastern Catholics here in the United States.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see our Eastern Catholicism specialty store grow. We hope to be able to become the definitive online source for Eastern Catholic goods in the U.S. To view our new store, on our home page please see the specialty stores box on the left side of the page – the third store listed is our Eastern Catholic online store.

A bit about the Eastern Catholic Churches: 

Catholic Churches and their Rites

There are eight Rites in the Catholic Church and 22 Catholic Churches in communion with Rome. They fit together as follows:

Roman Rite
[1] Latin Church

Armenian Rite
[2] Armenian Church

Byzantine Rite
[3] Melkite Church
[4] Italo-Albanian Church
[5] Ukrainian Church
[6] Ruthenian Church
[7] Romanian Church
[8] Greek Church (in Greece)
[9] Greek Church (in former Yugoslavia)
[10] Bulgarian Church
[11] Slovak Church
[12] Hungarian Church
[13] Russian Church
[14] Belarussian Church
[15] Albanian Church

Coptic Rite
[16] Coptic Church (in many lists the Ethiopian Church is also placed here)

Maronite Rite
[17] Maronite Church

East Syrian Rite
[18] Chaldean Church
[19] Syro-Malabar Church

West Syrian Rite
[20] Syro-Malabar Church
[21] Syrian Church

Ethiopian Rite
[22] Ethiopian Church (often listed under the Coptic Rite)


  1. Thank you so much! I was just commiserating with another E.C. homeschooler about the dearth of resources for Byzantine Rite Catholics. This is a welcome resource indeed, and just in time for the Great Fast. God bless you!

  2. I belong to the Romanian Rite. I am so pleased to see you are doing this! Thank you!

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