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Don't Worry About the CPSIA – This Would NEVER Happen

Pretend for a second that the CPSIA law doesn't really say what it says.

Then pretend that there aren't “safety” advocates out there just looking for blood in the water.

Then pretend that these people won't be contacting your local attorney general or the Consumer Product Safety Commission on their anonymous tip line.

Got it?

Then this email sent to another Catholic store shouldn't scare you at all:

(the company asked that we remove the redacted version of the email for fear of actual retribution so I'll summarize)

An individual said that if he didn't receive an immediate reply from the company proving their compliance he had a group of concerned parents ready to call the store's congressmen, the state's attorney general and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to turn them in and hoped that they could deal with the fines they would incur.

There are groups out there, like the ones that sued the New York Attorney General into enforcing the phthalate ban, that will be quite happy to destroy your business all for the “sake of the children”. Get serious people. The threat of the CPSIA is real.

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