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Don't Ever Do Business With Catholic Online

The problems Aquinas and More had with Catholic Online three years ago have been addressed so we have removed this post.


  1. I am interested in the comments about the Catholic Online/Catholic Financial Services consumer problems.
    That organization, which operates out of Bakersfield, California, appears to be holding funds belonging to many Catholic related entities and institutions. I would be interested in knowing whether the Website operators who run this site (Musings From A Catholic Bookstore) are aware of the fact that a consumer fraud complaint has been filed against COL/CFS and its operator/owner. The District Attorney’s office in Kern County (Bakersfield) is interested in knowing about all CFS “customers” who have been stiffed. Does your website provide information to its users in the nature of public service?
    Please contact me so that I can advise affected persons or parishes on how to convey information to the DA who is handling the case. The complaint and summons was served on the COL/CFS owner last week. It is important that the DA be made aware of as many injured (financial loss) parties as possible.

    Thank you.


  2. For Christmas, I purchased at $40.00 gift subscription to their Catholic Singles site for a friend. That friend immediately began receiving over 40 emails/day from all kinds of singles’ sites. When I contacted Catholic Singles.com (through Catholic Online) they said they don’t sell email addresses. Don’t believe it!!!

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