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Do You Know Your Evangelists?


We celebrate the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist on April 25th. How much do you know about him and the other Gospels?

1. This is considered the oldest Gospel:

2. Tradition tells us that St. Luke (pictured with an ox) was a artist and may have painted the first image of Mary. He was also a friend and disciple of this Apostle:

3. St. Mark possibly wrote himself into his Gospel as this character:

4. This Gospel uses the most historical and social facts of the period:

5. Some scholars believe that parts of the Gospel of St. Mark are missing because it skips Jesus' childhood and ends with this event:

6. This Gospel contains no parables:

7. When St. John is pictured as the Evangelist, he is shown with an eagle because his Gospel “achieved new spiritual heights and rises above the angels' sphere going directly to God.” When he is not shown as the Evangelist he is pictured with these symbols:

8. This Gospel has the fewest references to the Old Testament:

9. St. Mark is pictured in art with a winged man. This is because:

10. The symbols of the Four Evangelists (known as tetramorphs) come from the Book of Revelation (4:7-8) and St. Ireneus of Lyons thought they represented. Who first applied these symbols to the Evangelists themselves?

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