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Discount Tire: A Study in Customer Service

This morning I dropped my van off at Discount Tire and left the key in the early bird box. This evening my brother dropped me off to pick up my van which was parked where I left it this morning.

I figured that since the tire I needed replaced wasn't muddy like the rest of the vehicle they had done the work. Oops.

When I got to the front counter the manager went through all the tickets, asked for my name again, double-checked and went out to the service bays to check with the techs. This wasn't looking good. Did I mention that I was supposed to be at my godson's birthday party?

Finally the manager came back with the bad news and the envelope from the drop box with my key still in it. Apparently the envelope had gotten stuck in the door and they never saw it.

Here's where customer service can either make or break customer loyalty. The manager could have apologized and asked me to come back tomorrow, or:

He could apologize multiple times, clear a bay and take care of the tire immediately and give the tire at half-off.

This manager chose the latter and left me happy.

The take away:

  • The customer doesn't care about your company problem.
  • A proactive offer to fix a problem goes a long way to show you really are sorry.
  • Fixing a problem on the spot is icing on the cake.

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