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Pope Francis Recommends Reading the Bible
Pope Francis Recommends Reading the Bible

Did You Hear What Pope Francis Recommended?

Back when I was first out of college and working at a tech company, I would pray the Liturgy of the Hours in the morning at my desk before work started. I never told people what I was doing but for some reason people noticed. one employee asked me for information about the Catholic Church and another told me that even though he and his wife were Catholic, they had been married by a justice of the peace and never in the Church. He invited me to be the best man at his Church wedding.

Why do I bring this up? It’s just an example of how evangelization works through the way you live your daily life. 

This week, Pope Francis visited a church in Rome and suggested that everyone should get a Bible and read it on the way to work. Obviously, he was thinking about travel in Europe where the majority of people probably take the bus or train to work. I’ve been in Rome and I can tell you that you don’t want to be driving there.

Watch the pope’s homily:

Now, the pope wasn’t suggesting that Catholics should read Bibles on public transportation in order to show off, he was suggesting it as a way to get closer to Christ. The nice thing about just “being Catholic” in public, whether it’s reading the Bible or saying grace at restaurants, you have the opportunity for collateral evangelization.

You never know who you can affect just by striving to be a saint in your everyday life.

So, do you have a Bible that is convenient to take with you when you travel? It’s time to get one.

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