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Dear Angry Customer,

What is it about this time of year that brings out the worst in you? Is the world REALLY going to end because the out-of-stock gift you ordered five days before Christmas won't be there on Christmas Day?

Is it really helpful to anyone  for you to shout at my employees because you might have to tell someone that the gift is on the way instead of having them unwrap it on Christmas Day?

Have you ever considered that giving a really nice card with a picture of the gift inside would be acceptable and much more Christian of you than accusing my company of theft because your item hasn't arrived yet?

It also might be a good time to remember that just like you, we are not perfect and don't deserve to be rudely treated any more than you do when things don't go exactly according to plan.

Maybe this year would be a good year to start a new tradition – Epiphany gift giving.

Merry Christmas,

Ian Rutherford, founder Aquinas and More Catholic Goods


  1. You know, when I worked in retail (two different years), I hated the Christmas Shopping Season. I could NOT believe the grouchy people! Personally, I am a cheery Christmas shopper because I actually enjoy giving my friends and family presents. Silly me!

    Personally, I think that if you are grouchy while Christmas shopping, you have your priorities all screwed up. Really.

  2. I am very angry! I thought for sure you had the ability to control the weather, and by not exercising this ability I will have to wait a week to present my gifts!!!

  3. If Jesus can tolerate 3 kings showing up almost 2 weeks late (or several years according to some bibie analysts) then your customer should get a grip and lighten up. For that matter, start a new tradition of exchanging gifts on the Epiphany. Think of all you’ll save at the post-Christmas sales!

  4. A note to the grouchy customers (as a longtime retail employee, I know them all too well): if the worst thing that is happening to you in life is that an item you’ve ordered will be a bit delayed, count your blessings!

    Merry Christmas, all!

  5. Jesus would not have worried about a late present. He would be been happy you remembered and not worried about when it arrived.

  6. I cannot tell you how many store clerks have commented in my shopping sprees about how grumpy or mean some shoppers are. We always try to be extra nice to them, and they appreciate it. And I hate it when people carry on cell-phone conversations when they are buying something, and totally ignore the clerk. If I were a clerk, I’d tack and extra something onto their bill out of spite. They wouldn’t even notice it.

  7. I have always found Aqinas and More to be an outstanding business to deal with! I love your mission, your goods, AND your outstanding customer service!

  8. On November 21, 2006 I sent my check #2170 in the amount of $108.90 for three subscriptions to your Magnificat magazine. Will you please check to see what has happened to my order.

    Thank You
    Barbara Peck

  9. I pray for and pity those that are the grumpy Christmas shoppers. Somehow, they have lost the meaning of Christmas. I also pray for the sales people that have to put up with these type of shoppers. I was fortunate this year as I was financially unable to buy my children gifts for Christmas. Yet, we had the most beautiful, peaceful Christmas. It was filled with lots of laughter, love, family, and most importantly the gifts that God has given us to share with others.

    The Feast of the Epiphany has always been a celebration in my home and I was happy to see the celebration mentioned.

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