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Da Vinci Code Thoughts

de-coding Da Vinci by Amy WelbornOkay, first, if you haven't been to Open Book on this topic. Go. The Da Vinci Hoax

Next, go to the Ratzinger Fan Club for their comprehensive collection of articles on the Da Vinci Code.

Next, buy some material to educate yourself off-line.

Next, my thoughts on the matter that I had expressed to others but hadn't seen online are now there:

Catholic writer Mark Shea tells an anecdote about a college bull session among students at Central Washington University over The Da Vinci Code. “Even if it’s just fiction,” a student opined, “it’s still interesting to think about.”

To which another student replied: “Your mother’s a whore.” And then, to the first student’s stunned incredulity, he added, “And even if that’s just fiction, it’s still interesting to think about.”

Finally, take out your frustration and sign up for the so dark the con of dan contest.

And completely off topic but noteworthy nevertheless, wish Julie, the Happy Catholic, a Happy Anniversary!


  1. Anyone know if you can buy a rosary like that? It sounds very masculine. I would be interested in purchasing one for my son and another person I know who likes unique rosaries. Gee, if I only knew someone who owned a Catholic bookstore…..

  2. P.S. You can view the trailer here:

  3. We’re working on it! 😉

  4. I didn’t know that about the rosary … very cool! Though I was impressed enough with the fact that the priest is a real priest!

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