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CPSIA First Communion Compliance – Where We Stand

After numerous phone calls and emails to vendors we have come to the conclusion that most either don't care about compliance because not enough retailers are pressuring them or that they think they are exempt from the law.

To date, we have received certification letters from seven vendors out of over 100 that we deal with. Granted, many of these are book vendors who are probably okay until next February and many don't sell kids products.

The problem is that our largest supplier of First Communion gifts is still not compliant and the company we were going to buy First Communion dresses from this year has been promising a letter of compliance for almost two months. We have given up on carrying First Communion dresses and veils this year because we either can't get follow through from vendors, or worse in one case, a vendor who refuses to get compliant and “will just hope they don't get caught.” We also have hardly any of the standard First Communion gift sets because they all come from non-compliant companies or are made in China. So basically our First Communion selection is less than half what it was last year.

I know that there are some stores that are taking the CPSIA law seriously and trying to find compliant vendors but based on the almost complete lack of response shown by the stores we contacted about the problem, it appears that most are actually contributing to the problem by ignoring the law and not holding their vendors accountable.

Fortunately we do still have First Communion gifts available. You can still have us create personalized First Communion cards for your child. We also still carry First Communion Missals, First Communion Bibles and a small selection of jewelry. We also have a wide variety of First Communion invitations and we will shortly be offering First Communion gift sets that we have assembled ourselves from compliant vendors.

If you happen to find an item on our site with a CPSIA compliance warning and then find it for sale on another site or in a retail store it is likely (but not guaranteed) that the store is either ignorant of the law or ignoring the law. You may want to let them know that they can get fined over $100,000 for a first time violation of the law.

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