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CPA – Destroying the Faith One Award at a Time

After last week's news that the Catholic Press Association had given a first place award to the website of the U.S. Anti-Catholic, comes another example of how the CPA is actually a dissident organization that likes to give awards to other dissidents.

Dick (don't call me Father) Vosko received a first place award for his latest church destruction manual.

Here are some choice quotes from the review:

Rather than highly formal and rigid styles of traditional church architecture, such as spires, bell towers and stained-glass windows, Vosko prefers a simpler, familial style.

For anyone who has ever seen his work, you will realize that to him “simpler, familial style” has an uncanny similarity to East German apartment buildings.

His concepts favor semicircle seating with sloped floors. The overall effect is a more interactive space for congregants. His designs are also light and airy and make use of wood and other materials that create a warm, inviting space.




Yep, this design (among many others) just screams hospitality. If you think nuclear silos and auditoriums are warm and inviting.

“I want to be practical and modern in addressing a changing church, but nothing in my design is theologically unorthodox,” Vosko said. “If churches aren’t modern, they aren’t reflecting today’s worshipers very well.”

Uh, sure. For a lengthy look at Dick (don't call me Father) Vosko's theology, read the St. Catherine Review. A choice quote that he has used in multiple projects:

“One reason why our churches are so susceptible to crime is because they are empty during the week. Maybe people who have organized vigils before the sacrament—that’s a wonderful practice to keep vigil—to take turns keeping vigil over the Blessed Sacrament that is primarily saved to take to the sick and dying—that is what the Church teaches us. I think that’s a wonderful practice, to take turns keeping watch, just in case your mother or father needs Holy Communion on their death bed. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can go to the tabernacle and find the Body of Christ in it?”

Yes, this is the man to whom the Catholic Press Association gives accolades. It's really just a self-perpetuating heresy machine.

Some more on all you stupid people who like your quaint traditions and can't handle a new Mass translation.

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  1. Since when are churches intended to reflect the modern worshiper?
    I thought they were meant to reflect the glory of God and raise the hearts and minds of the worshipers above their usual surroundings (family homes) to Heaven.

    It looks like a public school, and that’s not a compliment.

    It is nice to know Christ is present in the Tabernacle. It’s even nicer when one can find the Tabernacle, and it looks like a place suitable for a king.

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