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Confession is for Everyone – Even You!

Confession. It's in season.


If you're reading this newsletter you probably aren't in second grade getting ready to make your First Communion.


You might be going through RCIA and getting ready to receive a bunch of sacraments including your First Confession. Welcome!


For the vast majority of you I'll bet that 1) You are already Catholic and 2) Now would be a great time to head to confession. (There really isn't a bad time)


We have gathered together a great collection of resources for the sinners among us to learn more about confession and to make better use of the sacrament.


Why Go to Confession?


It seems that this is a popular question because someone wrote a whole book about it:


Includes helpful questions for an examination of conscience based on the Ten Commandments and prayers of sorrow in preparation for Confession.


A helpful tool both for people who regularly go to Confession and for those who don’t frequent the sacrament. Useful, too, for pastors and spiritual directors who often face many of the questions treated in this book.


The perfect size for slipping into a purse or coat pocket, Why Go to Confession? is an enlightening read for anyone struggling with the sacrament of Reconciliation.


I also recommend Confession – a Little Book for the Reluctant and Go In Peace by Fr. Pacwa as great overviews of the importance of Confession in your life.


For something a little longer but something you can start on tonight, I recommend Pardon and Peace which is available in both Kindle and Epub formats for immediate download.


But I can go straight to God!


If you aren't really sure about why confession exists, let alone why you need it in your life, I recommend reading Lord, Have Mercy by Scott Hahn. Being an ex-Protestant, Mr. Hahn brings a unique perspective to the sacrament. You can also get a DVD or CD that contains much of the same material.


For some concise Q&A about the sacrament you can't beat the Quizzes to a Street Preacher series.


My kids could use a visit to confession, too.


Like I said, confession is for everyone. We have several books for kids including My Confession Book which is always a bestseller as well as Going to Confession. The low price makes these perfect for a class.


If you are looking for a memento for someone receiving First Confession, we have the unique Today I Made My First Reconciliation book which explains what confession is and also has a place to record the event.


You can also order our First Reconciliation sterling medal and have it delivered in three days.


But I'm really looking for something else…


No problem. We have over 60 different books, dvds and gifts all about this wonderful sacrament of mercy. Take a look!

What do Ash Wednesday and Confession have to do with each other?








The Reconcilation Cross is a wonderful memento for the first time recipient. Made in Italy.



Get our FREE First Communion catalog. Yes, we'll even cover the shipping.


Do you have your First Communion Bible yet? We imprint!


Browse our extensive selection of other First Communion gifts. All carry our return anytime guarantee and none are from China.

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