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Christmas Gift Wrap

Christmas Gift Wrap Still Exists

Away in a Manger WrapHave you noticed that finding real CHRISTMAS gift wrap is almost impossible anymore? Snowmen and trees and Santa are everywhere but the Nativity? Manger? Wise Men? They all seem to have gotten lost.

And even if you are fortunate enough to find Christmas, instead of holiday, wrap, chances are it's made in China. China, where the government forcibly kills hundreds of thousands of babies a year and imprisons priests and bishops because they are Catholic.

After many years of looking, we found a printer that makes beautiful Christmas Christmas Blessings Wrapgift wrap that isn't made in China. We've been buying from them for several years now and love the quality of their wrap.

Names of Jesus WrapWe are quickly selling out of our first shipment and will have another shipment in next week but then IT'S ALL GONE for the year. If you would like to get Christmas gift wrap this year, please place your order by Wednesday night to make sure it arrives in time. All gift wrap is shipped Priority Mail or UPS to ensure quick delivery.

A Child is Born Wrap

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  1. We live in an Age that is increasingly without thoughtfulness and without discipline. Maybe that explains some of it, sadly.

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