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  1. thanks for that wonderful reflection…..and for the witness………just what Corpus Christi is about……
    sadly, over the years, my experience has been that SOME (my emphasis) of those who wear the ties have been a little less kind to those who do smell, who don’t wear “appropriate attire.”
    The only thing I might have done extra: I would have invited him to meet me and sit with me at Mass!

  2. Yes, a wonderful reflection. In reading frjimt’s comment, I was reminded that the ones chosen to be the first people to see Jesus following his birth were the poor shepherds from the fields. He also hung out with a bunch of fishermen. It would behoove those who look down on others who don’t wear “appropriate attire” to remember that.

  3. Yes, dressing up for church has become another outward witness of our faith. Last Sunday at the grocery store people noticed me dressed in a skirt with my 2 year old wearing a dress. Many women shopping in dresses smiled at me as if to say “Ah, you’re shopping after church too.” Other faces seemed to look away in shame. And one voice I overheard was amazed that I take my daughter to church. All had assumed by our clothing that we had just come from church and it became another way to silently share our faith.

  4. A priest at our church once mentioned why he ALWAYS wore a cassock – not just because cross dressing is fashionable (his words, not mine LOL).

    He said that very often people would recognize his attire and beg him for a confession. He said he didn’t want to have to answer to God for anyone that didn’t make a confession at the moment God’s grace inspired them, because they simply didn’t recognize he was a priest.

    I think nowadays just showing up with your body COVERED, never mind the tie, is a witness to modesty at least!

  5. Being a middle school teacher and a new Catholic, I see teaching respect as a very important part of everyday life. Your faith is shown in how you present yourself to the world. As parents and role models we have an obligation to dress respectfully which ultimately leads to behaving reverently when approaching God’s altar. Our children see that in us during Mass as well as those around us in the public arena. It is always our hope to light the way for others.

  6. If you Put a Suit on for a wedding you also put it on to go to church. not put on shorts

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