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Choir Acid Test

To determine if your parish choir has a correct understanding of its role in the liturgy, move the choir out of the sanctuary to the choir loft or the back of the church. If the choir stays intact and doesn't grumble about being moved, the members probably understand their role. If not, they either need some catechesis or find a new ministry.


  1. We attended the Spanish mass at the Franciscan monastary in Washington DC Dec. 23 for the first time.
    Loved the 2 who sung Gregorian chants as well as played a flute, I believe, as well as the organ.
    Was surprised that they were located behind everyone, but it does seem to make sense if, as you said, they understand their role.
    Look forward to going back there someday.
    The Pope John Paul II Center was amazing to visit as well in DC.

  2. Believe me, there are many choir members out there who would love to be moved back to the choir loft. Even choir members who play guitar.

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