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Chinese Government Stealing Water From Its Own

Ever since we started our business we have had a policy that we won't sell products from China. This is why you won't find cheap statues, porecelain nightlights, St. Joseph House Selling Kits and plush dolls in our store or on our site.

If you want to see why, you can read our past posts on Chinese human rights abuses and religious persecution. Today there is another article about how China is starving its own people to make sure that the Chinese Olympics are successful. The few people in the village of Shijiayao aren't allowed to trap rain water because it is all being diverted to Beijing for the games and to support the growth of the city.

Reservoirs across the country are being drained to make sure there is enough water to fill the cannals and fountains in the city during the games.

Read the whole article and give it some thought when you find a great deal on a Chinese statue at another Catholic store.

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