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Child Trafficking by the Chinese Government

Chinese Population Control
Chinese Population Control Still Going Strong

I just found this report about the population control policies in China.

On March 9, 2009, I found myself sitting in a modest concrete farmhouse, deep inside the labyrinthine network of rural farming villages that make up Lipu County, China. Warm, clear sunlight streamed in the house’s open back door, a rare break from the unending drizzle that seems to plague southern China in the spring. Pinned carefully over the rough-hewn staircase, the ever-present portrait of Chairman Mao leered down at me like a malevolent household god.

Across from me sat a wizened man in a rickety wooden chair. A worn blue jacket hung from his bony shoulders, eerily reminiscent of the olive-drab jackets worn by the grim-faced Communist cadre members who had hounded almost my every step since I entered China two days earlier.

Through an interpreter, I asked the man what would happen to a couple who had an “illegal” child, according to China’s infamous “planned birth policy.” The answer was something I had never heard before. “At the present time,” the man said, “if you don’t pay the fine, they come and abduct the baby you just gave birth to and give it to someone else.”

The interpreter, a slight, soft-spoken Chinese girl, turned to me and quickly translated what the man had said. I couldn’t believe it. I had heard of all manner of human-rights abuses committed in the name of this policy: forced abortions, forced sterilizations, arrests, destruction of property — but never outright kidnapping. This was new.

Go read the rest and ask yourself why any Catholic store would sell Chinese products.

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