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Chen’s Plight Makes Catholic Manufacturers’ Excuses Ring Hollow

Chen Guangcheng
Chen Guangcheng - pro-life Chinese activist

Since Aquinas and More opened we have had a policy that we don't buy or sell any products from China. We have posted many times over the years explaining why.

Some of our vendors have tried to convince us that this policy isn't really wise and have offered many excuses why their stuff is “okay” to purchase including:

  • We inspect the factories and the workers are treated well
  • Our products may convert the factory workers
  • Costs are too high everywhere else in the world to produce these products so it's better that we do it here to save a dime, a quarter, a dollar, ten dollars, etc. so people can still afford to buy them

The problem with all of this is that China is evil. The administration has a national policy of forcefully killing babies. They imprison Christians including priests and bishops without cause. Every cent we give them just makes the government stronger.

The current case of Chen Guangcheng is a prime example of how evil regimes operate, especially when supposedly good ones take the side of evil.

Chen is a Chinese lawyer who has spent years documenting the forced abortion policy in China and for his efforts has been subject to imprisonment and beatings and has spent years under house arrest. Recently some of his friends broke him out of his house in his hometown and after hiding him in various places, took him to the US embassy in Beijing hoping that the US would fight for his safety.

Unfortunately, our current administration is far more concerned about our current economic relationship with China and is supportive of the very policies that Chen has been fighting so they weren't thrilled with him showing up. A Chinese official allegedly threatened to BEAT HIS WIFE if he didn't leave the embassy. There was a also a report that if Chen didn't leave the embassy the Chinese government would send his wife to Chen's home village where they “would be unable to help her”. The Chen's have both been beaten by Chinese officials at their home in the past. The US government basically evicted him from the embassy once the Chinese government promised not to imprison him and instead send him and his family to a “safe” place in China.

More information can be found here and here.



  1. Catholic World News reports today (July 10) that a faithful Catholic bishop in China has been arrested, simply for being loyal to Rome:


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