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Celebrating the Month of Mary with Your Family

Celebrating the Month of Mary With Your Family

Did you know that the month of May is widely regarded as the month of Mary? It is fitting, then, that Mother’s Day also falls in the month of May. Whether we have the best relationship with our earthly mother or not, Mary is the perfect mother to all of us.

As Christ died on the cross, He said to his disciple, “Behold, your mother” (John 19:27). Christ did this so that we would all come to understand Mary as our mother and bring her motherly wisdom into our homes, just as the disciple did following Christ’s death.

May is a wonderful time to draw closer to our earthly mother as well as our Heavenly mother. When it comes to our earthly mothers, our gift can be as simple as a card or as ornate as a statue of the Blessed Mother. Perhaps your mom might like a book of meditations designed specifically for mothers, or maybe even a new rosary.

As for your Heavenly mother, I have no doubt she’d love to spend some extra time in prayer with you, interceding on your behalf. Mary, ever our mother, desires to be close to her children, to love us like only a mother can. Mary desires to be in relationship with you and to draw you closer to the heart of her Son.

If you’ve never had a particular devotion to Mary, consider praying even a single decade of the rosary throughout the month of May. A simple reminder of a finger rosary on your keys can encourage you to talk to your mother daily.

Mary of Nazareth is an incredible movie that can be watched as a family to deepen your love and appreciation of the Blessed Mother.

For the month of May you can also purchase prints of the Blessed Mother that could be added to your prayer corner or various rooms in your home. These images can also be venerated or you can bring flowers weekly to honor Mary and the role she plays in your family life.

Another way to honor Mary this month is to place an outdoor statue of her in your yard. Together as a family you can create a crown of roses to place on her head throughout the month. If the weather is nice, you might even want to pray a family rosary in front of her statue – what a beautiful witness that would be to your neighbors!

As it is also the month of Mothers' Day, remember to honor your earthly mother for all of the sacrifices she has made for you in your life. Try to see some of the Blessed Virgin’s characteristics – love, strength, virtue, holiness, etc. – in your own mother. Let your mother draw you to the Blessed Virgin. Whether you are a man or a woman, the Blessed Mother is a tender example of what holiness looks like, and what we should all be striving for: perfect and complete openness to the will of God in our day to day lives.  


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