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Saint John Paul II

Celebrate Saint John Paul II

When Karol Wojtyla was elected pope in 1978, I was only four. I don't remember his election but for most of my life he was the only pope I had known. In fact, since his was the third-longest reign in history, many of us growing up just assumed that he would always be around like Queen Elizabeth II.

Pope John Paul II's Election

Looking back over his papacy and the wonderful things that he gave us, I think that his Theology of the Body is going to be seen as the most important. As marriage falls further into decay in our culture and people see each other more and more as things to be used instead of people to be loved, it will be the clear teaching of the Church on the true beauty of family that will eventually turn people away from the broken lives they live to something hopeful and pure.

What do you consider the most important result of Saint John Paul II‘s papacy?


John Paul II Rosary

St. John Paul II Rosary with Papal Crucifix

St. John Paul the Great

St. John Paul the Great by Jason Evert

Pope John Paul II DVD

Pope John Paul II DVD

Quotes from Saint John Paul II

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.”

“To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others.”

“The great danger for family life, in the midst of any society whose idols are pleasure, comfort and independence, lies in the fact that people close their hearts and become selfish.”

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.”

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