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Catholic Store Holds Twelve Days of Christmas Charity Campaign

Typically, the days following Christmas are days to find great sales at retailers. This year Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, an e-tailer and retail seller of Catholic books and gifts, decided to hold a Twelve Days of Christmas charity campaign instead.

Ian Rutherford, president and founder, came up with the plan on Christmas Eve. “Every year we have a special sale for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas. This year I decided that instead of giving discounts, we would encourage our shoppers to support a different organization for each of the twelve days.”

Using Facebook and the company blog, Aquinas and More Catholic Goods sought input from its shoppers for worthy charities. “We tried to match up the organization with the celebration on the Catholic calendar for that day. For example, St. Thomas Beckett was beheaded so on December 29th, we will be donating to Mind Your Head, a local brain trauma support group. If we hadn't solicited input from our shoppers we never would have known about this organization.”

Other organizations on the list this year are the Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center, Missionaries of the Poor and SQPN, a Catholic podcasters association. If the effort is successful, Rutherford plans on repeating the campaign next year. “Since I started Aquinas and More eight years ago we have always considered charitable giving part of our company. Whether it is local parishes or worthy organizations it is our responsibility as Catholics to support and promote them.”

About Aquinas and More Catholic Goods:

Aquinas and More Catholic Good (www.aquinasandmore.com) is the largest online Catholic Store with a retail store in Colorado Springs, CO. It has been in business for eight years and since its founding has been dedicated to selling only faithfully Catholic products and also does not sell products from China. The store's 22,000 product inventory includes First Communion Gifts, Catholic Baptism gifts as well as thousands of Catholic Books and jewelry.

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