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Catholic Information Just For You – From Aquinas and More

Breaking news . . . from Aquinas and More!

An important part of our mission here at Aquinas and More is providing faith-building Catholic information and resources, in addition to selling quality Catholic products. Over the years we have launched several Catholic information-based websites such as www.catholicliturgy.com , www.catecheticalreview.com and www.catholicsummerreading.com to mention a few of our efforts.

Over the course of the summer, we began to significantly increase the number of Catholic articles that we feature on our main retail website which you all know – www.aquinasandmore.com.

In case you haven't had a chance to browse through our articles section, with Catholic articles now numbering in the hundreds, here is a list of some brand new ones we added in the last week or two:

The Franciscan Tau Cross

What is a Scapular?

October and the Rosary

Byzantine Crosses

On Lectio Divina

Why Going To Mass Is Not Optional

About Guardian Angels

The Beginning Apologetics Series

Francis and Clare – The New Feature Film

Respect Life Sunday

About The Battle of Lepanto

Andrei Rublev's Holy Trinity Icon

Selecting Your Annual St. Joseph Guide for Prayer

“Mother Teresa's Secret Fire” – The New Book

Holy Cards – An Enduring Tradition

What Are The Different Types of Rosaries?

The Story Behind Our Bible Covers

About Mystic Monk Coffee

About Bethlehem, the City of David

As you can see, we've been very busy. For all of us at Aquinas and More, it's never been about merely selling Catholic goods. Plenty of Catholic retailers out there do just that, and nothing more. For us, it is important to do whatever we can to help spread knowledge of the Faith, of the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to heed the late Pope John Paul II's “Call to a New Evangelization” and, of course, helping “to rebuild Catholic culture” everywhere.

Good Faith. Guaranteed. Aquinas and More Catholic Goods.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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