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Catholic Door visits the Whitworth Spa

This morning we modified our routine at Catholic Door just a little bit to make time for some fun…with a visit to the Whitworth Salon! Run by four small but mighty stylists, the salon offered creative hair styling, along with massages, snacks, and manicures for the ladies. Each of us took a turn, and the results were quite eye catching…

From blue spiky hair to pink sparkly nails, the Catholic Door staff is making a statement.

If you’re looking for attention to detail, friendly service, and eye-catching results delivered with an original twist, we highly recommend the Whitworth Salon! We guarantee that your family, friends, coworkers, and random people on the street will catch one glimpse of you and be amazed. You’ll hear again and again: “Wow!” and “Where did you go?” or maybe “Did you fall asleep while your kids were unattended?”  

Interested? The Salon does cater to a rather exclusive clientele, but we’re confident that we can get you an appointment…if you dare!

Well, we better get back to serving our customers with some great Catholic books and gifts.

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