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Chinese Persecution

Social Justice – In China!

Yep, just when you thought the Chinese government was just a bunch of corrupt murderers, they have taken on a kinder, gentler face. Now they are concerned with social justice. How exactly? By fining rich people more than they fine regular people for violating the one-child policy. I'm sure that this won't lead to more abortions and sterilizations.

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Got to Love the Chinese Government

So, just how dangerous was that new letter to China that the Pope issued last week? Dangerous enough to get it banned from Chinese websites. But, as some Catholic gift suppliers have told us, the factories there are run humanely and follow proper safety procedures, so it's all good. Unless you are making bricks. Or fireworks. Or fur coats. Or …

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Why We Don’t Carry Products From China (Reason 1)

This article doesn't really address the whole “what happens when you get pregnant again?” issue because it would be a little inconvenient to bring up things like forced abortions, forced sterilizations, infanticide and imprisonment with the country that the United States has the largest trade deficit with. Because of the decision not to carry Chinese products, we have had to …

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