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Everything You Need to Know About Sacred Vessels

How to Clean Sacred Vessels

What is a Sacred Vessel? Sacred Vessels are the receptacles and utensils used in liturgical celebrations to hold the consecrated Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, these are Chalices, Patens, Ciboria, Pyxes, and Monstrances. The Sacred Vessels of the Church are to be treated with special care and reverence. The …

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Spanish Statue Finishes

Spanish Statue Header

Our gorgeous church statuary from Spain is some of the most beautiful that you can put in your church. It is hand-made and hand-painted by a company that has been producing statues since 1880. There are a few things to know before purchasing one of our statues. First, these statues are made to order and are coming directly from Spain …

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Required Reading on Catholic Social Teaching

When I first started writing this post, I had planned on giving a reasonably thorough summary of the various titles on this list. After sifting through just the official Church statements on social justice, I realized that they are so deep and so broad at the same time, that I can't do justice to them in a few sentences on a blog post. In, fact I'm sure it's the reason why, apart from the official documents, I have over a dozen books on social justice sitting on my desk including the USCCB's Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church which is as large as the Catechism.

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First Communion and Confirmation Gift Ideas

Pewter Confirmation Cross

  “Sacramental Season” is still going strong so I wanted to share some suggestions for gifts to help you out. First Communion Before the big day The first thing to consider items that need pre-planning. For example, if you are having a party you probably will want to send out invitations. One of our most popular items year after year are …

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Yes, There are Children’s Books Not Printed in China

My First Prayers for Christmas

Over the years we have become increasingly frustrated as more and more children’s books are sent to China for printing. Since China still thinks that government-forced abortion and sterilization are okay and Catholic priests and bishops are still vanishing, we have had access to a very limited selection of children’s titles. Fortunately, Magnificat Magazine has started publishing books for children …

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Year of Faith Holy Card

When we heard that the Pope had announced The Year of Faith (starting Oct 11, 2012) we decided to create our own holy card for the Year of Faith using the the Pope's prayer and the ship symbolism that is being used on the Vatican website. We couldn't use official logo since we are a business but I think our …

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New Spiritual Communion Holy Card!

There are hundreds of holy cards available but every now and then we find prayers that should be on a card but aren't. Today we are releasing our own Spiritual Communion Holy Card. What is a spiritual communion? (You may ask). A spiritual communion is a prayer that you say when you are attending or watching a Mass and are …

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Raymond Arroyo, Known the World Over

  I have a confession to make. I don't watch EWTN.  I don't watch The World Over. Our family has never had a cable or even a basic television connection. I actually find it refreshing to not know what is going on in the latest sitcoms. I have on occasion watched Raymond Arroyo on The World Over at my parents' …

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Q&A With Anthony deStefano, Author of Angels All Around Us

Anthony deStefano is the best-selling author of A Travel Guide to Heaven and Ten Prayers God Always Says “Yes” To. He has worked with Father Pavone on pro-life issues and is a member of the Knights of Malta. He also likes to fly vintage planes for the Civil Air Patrol. Q&A provided by Image Books.   Q: Angels All Around …

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