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Cardinal Van Thuan on the Road to Beatification

The official announcement from the Vatican.

Cardinal Van Thuan spent thirteen years in prison in Vietnam. His writings tell his story and also contain prayers written during his imprisonment..


  1. Wow. What’s next, Christmas trees? This reminds me of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It’s like society is trying to take away all the trappings we use to celebrate, forgetting that the whole reason for celebrating is Our Lord! I wonder if there’s an alternative out there that you could promote so our money does not go to killing babies?

  2. How about fighting evil by supporting good? This group grows their own poinsettias:



    Why not buy poinsettias from a group that cares for “special needs” people — those with “special needs” whom Planned Parenthood would have been happy to abort?

  3. You know, garland and wreaths made out of evergreen leaves is fine, but when you have an Xmas [sic] tree with flashing lights and a revolving stand right next to the altar, it is probably a little much.

    What about just a simple nativity scene (without a bunch of lights) and maybe some green garland trim with red ribbons, but only a little.

    And please, leave the mistletoe off of the light fixtures.

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