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Cardinal Newman Beatification Pilgrimage

There is still time and space is still available!

Cardinal John Henry Newman will be beatified by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on September 19, 2010 during the Holy Father's pastoral visit to Great Britain.

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In some email correspondence this past Friday with Fr. Peter Stravinskas, founder of the Priestly Society of the Ven. John Henry Cardinal Newman, and the publisher of Newman House Press, father mentioned that there are still a couple spaces available on the beatification pilgrimage that he and the priests of the Society are leading.

Here is the text of a letter he sent out to the Friends of Newman House on June5, 2010:

I am sure that by now you have heard the great, good news
that our special patron, John Henry Cardinal Newman, is to be
beatified this coming fall in England – and the ceremony is being
presided over by Pope Benedict himself – contrary to his usual
practice of delegating that rite to a cardinal, so important does he
consider Newman and his witness.

Over the past few weeks, a number of our lay associates have
asked if Father Gregoris and I were planning on attending the
event and, further, if we were considering sponsoring a pilgrimage.
The answer to both questions is affirmative.

We have been able to put together a short but comprehensive
package we are calling “In the Footsteps of Cardinal Newman.” We
shall leave from Newark airport on the evening of September 14
and return on September 20. Upon arrival in England, we shall
spend two days visiting historic sites in London, especially those
relating to English Catholicism and Newman. We shall celebrate
Holy Mass one evening at Westminster Cathedral (where their
magnificent boys’ choir school enhances the Sacred Liturgy every
day), with another Mass at Tyburn Convent (where hundreds of
Catholics shed their blood for the Faith during the  Protestant
persecution). From London, we shall proceed to Oxford (where
Newman taught and from where he led the so-called “Oxford
Movement,” which sought to “re-Catholicize” Anglicanism) and
Littlemore (where he established a quasi-monastic Anglican community
and where he was received into the Church by Blessed
Dominic Barberi). And then on to Birmingham, the place where
he founded the first English Oratory and where his remains are enshrined.

At Coventry, the Holy Father will beatify Cardinal Newman – and we shall all be there.

All the hotels we have selected are four- or five-star venues;
breakfast is included each day. There may be some other meals
provided as well. At present, we are budgeting for fifteen participants,
so that the total cost would be approximately $2200
per person (double-occupancy room); for single-occupancy, add
another $400. If the number of pilgrims increases, the price can

Right now, I would like to hear from you, if are interested in
booking a reservation or if you want further information. Obviously,
the sooner we get hard commitments, the surer will be
the whole program – and the cheaper. So, please contact me as
soon as possible at the above numbers or by email: fstravinskas at
hotmail dot com.

Hoping that you will be able to join us “In the Footsteps of
Cardinal Newman,” I remain

Devotedly yours in Christ,

Peter M. J. Stravinskas

Cardinal Newman Prayer Card

If you have the time and the resources to be able to go on this wonderful pilgrimage, it would be truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Contact Fr. Peter right away if you are interested.

Venerable John Henry Cardinal Newman, pray for us.

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