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Can You Drink This Cup?

St. Gianna Molla is an icon for the pro-life movement and someone who is completely incomprehensible to those who believe that a person's value is based on 1) location and 2) that person's usefulness to me.

St. Gianna died from pregnancy complications following the birth of her fourth child. She could have aborted the baby or morally had a hysterectomy and consequently lost the child but instead chose to carry the baby to term.

Say a prayer for Mary, a mother of four who just recently died from cancer right after the birth of her fourth child.


  1. I cannot belief a person can be selfesh enough to give up her own life like so her kid can raised without a mother.

    Sad to say, I had a friend who thought that exact same way. It was better to abort a child than to let the child live motherless.

  2. So…having a mother is the sole determination of the life value of children? What a sick point of view.

    With that logic, we should execute all the children in a family if a mother is killed in a car wreck.

  3. How evil is abortion? I feel very sorry for those crippled minds of these women who want to murder their children. Abortion is murder!

  4. May there be a reversal of the abortion laws!

  5. Many children have grown up with out a mother and done great things. For example, John Paul II. A true mother gives all for her children and the womb should be the safest place in all the world. The selfish me centered generation has led to many people ignoring how evil abortion really is.

  6. Kevin george poss iowa

    First, how do three people named Kevin Poss get on this web site? A woman’s child was going to get hit by a car and she knows that to save her child, she must step into traffic to push her child to safety and that in doing so she would die. What would you think of a mother that didn’t save her child from certain death? What about the heroic mother who gave up her life for her child’s?

    A true mother would do anything to protect her child, at any stage of Life. Can you imagine any greater thing a mother could do for her child than to sacrifice her own life for the child’s.

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