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Back to School Gifts for Catholic College Students
Back to School Gifts for Catholic College Students

Back to school gifts for Catholic college students

Going back to college means preparing for many things – new friends, new classes, new challenges and even spiritual warfare. Your son or daughter could use some extra backup when going back to school because they will likely be confronted by students and professors who are hostile to Catholicism and they will also face the usual temptations that come with college life. At Aquinas and More we've put together a list of Back to school gifts for Catholic college students to help you out.

  1. Get some (spiritually) stylish threads. The scapular is a powerful sacramental that serves as a constant reminder of the Faith. Make sure your student has a new one that isn't on the verge of falling apart. Read more about the scapular promises in case you aren't familiar with this devotion.If your student isn't interested in a scapular, perhaps a Miraculous Medal or patron saint medal is more his style. We have several thousand to choose from and the patron saint medals can be engraved for that extra personal touch.
    Scapulars make a great back to school gift for college students
    Scapulars make a great gift for back to school
  2. Assign some reading homework. While your student will be buried in books to read for school, his soul can use some education, too.Disorientation A travel guide to the wild west of cultural causes that thrive in college environments. With this guide, your student will be able to clearly see what is wrong with “isms” that he encounters at school:

    • Relativism
    • Progressivism
    • Modernism
    • Scientism
    • Fundamentalism
    • Radical Feminism
    • Multiculturalism and more

    Disorientation - How to Go to College without Losing Your Mind
    Disorientation – How to Go to College without Losing Your Mind

    Memorize the Faith While the title of the book may not sound like school material, the methods taught in this book can be used to memorize anything, not just the Catechism. If your student has problems remembering groups of events or any other set of related facts, this book will show him how permanently remember what he is trying to learn.

    Memorize the Faith! - (And Most Anything Else)
    Memorize the Faith! – (And Most Anything Else)

    Another Sort of Learning Your student is going to get all kinds of advice about how to get the most out of college. Why not take advice from a holy priest who has been teaching for several decades? As an added bonus, his writing is delightful.

    Another Sort Of Learning
    Another Sort Of Learning


  3. Because posters are so 1990's. Forget the MC Escher and other “cool” college dorm posters. Get your student a crucifix. If he's going to hang something on the wall, why not a reminder of hope and salvation? Christ on the Cross is far more interesting to contemplate than people walking up or down impossible staircases. The Saint Benedict Crucifix is one of our favorites.
    St. Benedict Crucifix
    St. Benedict Crucifix
  4. Buy some auto insurance. (visor clips) If your college student is going to be driving (What were you thinking?!?!?), he's going to need all the spiritual assistance he can get. We have a large selection of visor clips, both St. Christopher visor clips and many others.
    Visor clip
    Visor clip
  5. Get some beads. But not the groovy kind. Does your child pray the rosary? With all the stress about classes, homework, dating, sports, eating and laundry, your child could certainly use some heavenly assistance. Since you can't be there, why not have Jesus' mom watch out for your son or daughter? Our selection of rosaries is one of the largest online and you can find one at any price.
    Olive Wood Rosary
    Olive Wood Rosary


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