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Jim Moore is a freelance writer and the former managing editor of Envoy Magazine. His motto? “Don’t worry. Be Catholic.” You can reach him at jamestheleast@gmail.com.

What Does the Annunciation Mean for You?

Is the Annunciation an isolated incident, something that happened to our Blessed Mother Mary and that we acknowledge once a year in celebration? Or is the message of the Archangel Gabriel and the response given by the young virgin to whom he brought it intended to speak to us even today?

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Who Remembers Ember Days?

Ember Days

After the Second Vatican Council, it wasn’t uncommon to hear people say, “We don’t do that anymore”—a common response based on the erroneous assumption that Vatican II threw out just about everything in favor of Latin-free liturgies and statue-free churches. That wasn’t the case, but it is definitely true that, in Catholicism, there are devotional practices that have fallen in and out of fashion over the centuries. One such concept—Ember Days.

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3 Tips for Evangelizing Like Saint Patrick

How to evangelize like Saint Patrick

Some people say that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. But wouldn’t it be great if everyone were like St. Patrick on St. Patrick’s Day? If instead of, “Hey! Let’s find a bar and have a few beers!” we’d say, “Hey! Let’s find a bar, buy a round for some people and talk to them about Christ and His Church.”

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Four ways to live like Saint Frances of Rome

Four ways to live like Saint Frances of Rome

We all know the current Francis of Rome. But before him, there was a “Frances” of Rome. She was an uptown girl of noble birth—a holy girl, wholly unimpressed by her position. She wanted to devote her life to Jesus Christ.

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Ash Wednesday and Ashes on the Forehead

Ash Wednesday

Don’t you wish we had a Catholic infomercial channel? EWTN is great, but we could really use something to get us as excited about being Catholic as we do about a miracle cleaner that takes spots out of pets…or whatever those miracle cleaners do. Cue the hyper-energetic spokesperson: “Are you ready, out there? It’s Ash Wednesday! And you know what …

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Seven Common Misconceptions About Lent

Top 7 Misconceptions About Lent

Seven Common Misconceptions About Lent Whether you’ve been a Christian for 40 years or 40 minutes, there’s probably something you’re confused about when it comes to the season of Lent. Don’t worry. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your own pastor may have to check with the bishop once in a while to make sure he’s got everything straight for …

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What Should I do for Lent?

Tips for Deciding What to do for Lent

“Are you ready for Lent?” It’s one of those questions you don’t quite know how to answer. Of course, sometimes people aren’t really looking for an answer—just an opportunity to tell you about their own superhuman Lent. Be ready to look on in admiration as you hear all about the bread & water regimen they’re adopting, along with the twelve complete rosaries each week and the family Summa nights they have planned.

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Saint Blaise and throat blessing

The Feast of Saint Blaise

If there’s one thing we Catholics are good at, it’s blessing things. You name it and we’ll probably bless it. We even have a whole day dedicated to the blessing of throats—the Feast of Saint Blaise, patron saint of throat illnesses.

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What is the Diaconate and who is Vincent of Saragossa?

What is a Deacon?

Giving Deacons Their Due It can be easy to take little notice of a deacon in the Catholic Church unless he comes plainly into view. You know, “Oh, look. Deacon Joe is going to do the homily, today.” Other than that, it’s fairly safe to say that we Catholics don’t necessarily think about our deacons all that much. Sure, we …

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