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Ian Rutherford is the President and founder of AquinasAndMore.com, one of the largest and oldest on-line Catholic stores. He lives with his lovely wife and eleven kids in northern Colorado.

Positive work environment

How do you know that you have a good, positive working environment? This is a question that I have asked myself numerous times. I have had very few “official” jobs in the past. The first big job I really had was as a sacristan at a local church. I was fourteen when I started there, working any of the five …

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Supernatural Collections

When it comes to strengthening your faith, sometimes the most effective method is to read about the many instances of spiritual phenomena that God has given us as proof that the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ. Perhaps the top contributor of books on these issues, Joan Carroll Cruz has written a number of books to collect the …

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Another memorable blog

I chanced across this blog today, written by Mike Aquilina, who is an author of several books that we carry. He makes a great point; the early Church Fathers were especially good at converting the young people to Catholicism. These days, we have quite a few young people leaving the Church, and we also have what some people would think …

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Servicing the Service

These days, it seems that there is a common understanding that the very worst thing that could possibly exist is war. When asked, "If you could do anything…", the most common answer is, "I would bring about world peace." Whether or not one agrees with this philosophy is one matter, but I don't think that anyone wants our soldiers who …

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Unusual Suspects

I can remember the first time I went to a Catholic Store on my own. I had just gotten my driver's license a few months before, and I headed downtown to the store that served the Catholics in Colorado Springs. It was way downtown, or at least a lot farther south than I was used to going at that time. …

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A personal lesson in Evangelization: the Conclusion

It all started here. The response from the group wasn't what I was expecting, but maybe I was expecting too much.  Or maybe I wasn't prepared sufficiently; I hadn't written out the exact words that I wanted to use.  In any case, the discussion lasted as long as it took to explain that the sacrament of Confession is necessary for …

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A personal lesson in Evangelization

I didn't think it would be such shocking news! After all, I had expected it even before I signed up for the 10-week long Bible Study course. Nevertheless, as soon as the words came to my ears I knew I had to say something; I knew that if I didn't it would be a sin of omission. Even after the …

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