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Feast of the Ascension

Ascension Thursday and The Eucharist

This high priest of ours is one who has taken His seat in heaven, on the right hand of that throne where God sits in majesty, ministering now in the sanctuary, in that true tabernacle which the Lord, not man, has set up. After all, it is their very function of a priest to offer gift and sacrifice.

Hebrews 8:1b:3a
Feast of the Ascension – Prayers for Midday

The Eucharist is our resurrected and ascended Lord.

With the Ascension of our Lord and the sending of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, Jesus' body can now be present both on earth and in heaven at the very same time. Those first Apostles, the first priests, went forth to preach and to give us Jesus. In Jesus, heaven and earth unite.

Jesus is  still on earth as He is in heaven. Not just in the prayers and hearts of the faithful, and not just mystically in His Body the Church. Jesus is still present on earth in his corporal body. Jesus is present in the Eucharist.

We receive the gift of the Eucharist at Holy Mass.  The Ascension was merely the end of His visible presence on earth, not the end of His physical presence on earth. When we encounter the Holy Eucharist, we have Jesus fully in His body, blood, soul, and divinity.

Hymn for the Ascension

Hail the day that sees Him rise

Hail the day that sees Him rise, Alleluia!
Glorious to His native skies: Alleluia!
Christ, awhile to mortals giv'n, Alleluia!
Enters now the highest heav'n! Alleluia

There the glorious triumph waits; Alleluia!
Lift your heads, eternal gates! Alleluia!
Wide unfold the radiant scene; Alleluia!
Take the King of glory in! Alleluia!

See! He lifts His hands above, Alleluia!
See! He shows the prints of love: Alleluia!
Hark! His gracious lips bestow, Alleluia!
Blessings on His Church below. Alleluia!

Lord, beyond our mortal sight, Alleluia!
Raise our hearts to reach Thy height, Alleluia!
There Thy face unclouded see, Alleluia!
Find our heav'n of heav'ns in Thee. Alleluia!

Text: Charles Wesley (1707-88); Melody: Robert Williams (1781-1821)


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