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Art and Architecture of Rome

Last week I unfortunately was unable to do my weekly post on Rome's churches. This week I continue with a special edition from Barcelona, Spain. There is only one gothic church in the entire city of Rome – Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, and it is not recognizable as a gothic church until you enter, so I have been anxious to see gothic churches, and in my travels to Spain this past weekend I finally was able to do so. The church that I have pictures of is a model gothic church. It has everything that a gothic church has from a high vaulted ceiling to stone carvings, to massive stained glass windows. It also includes something which makes it very Spanish. Nearly every side altar is decorated in gilt carving which is seen even in churches in the Americas. The church also has an area in the center which has seats facing each-other like in a monastery. This is among the most compelling parts of the whole church because it is expertly detailed with fine carvings of different biblical scenes and gothic spires. The pictures that I have included here are first of a stained glass window behind the main altar, and then of a piece of woodworking possibly depicting the baptism of Our Lord in the Jordan River. The purpose of the second picture is not so much to depict the actual scene which is more of a profile, but rather to notice the merging of the different traits of gothic architecture both in the foreground and the background.

The answers to last week's photos are:

Picture 1: A mosaic of Saint Maria Goretti in the Crypt of a Church built above her grave in Anzio, Italy.

Picture 2: A fresco on the ceiling of a side chapel in the Church of the Virgin of the Holy Mountain, which is located in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome.

Stained Glass

Barcelona Cathedral

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