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Are You Covered By Our Missal Shield?

Don't be caught unprepared when the new Mass translation goes into effect in November!

As the largest on-line Catholic store, we are able to offer things that other on-line Catholic stores can't offer, let alone even think about offering.


So, as one of our faithful readers we are bringing your attention to the Aquinas and More Missal Shield (sm) program. This unique program provides you with a type of “insurance” on your Missal. If you bought a daily or Sunday missal for the Ordinary Form of the Mass from us, you will get a discount to replace it with us. If you hadn't bought a missal from us already you can get a new missal at a special rate that will be covered under our Missal Shield policy just in case there are more changes made to the Mass texts down the road.


So here's the deal:

  1. Reserve your new missal for $10. You can choose either a Sunday or Daily Missal.
  2. When we have purchase information available for the new missals we will send you two things: 
    1. A gift card number worth $10 for your missal purchase.
    2. A coupon for your purchase. If you purchased a missal from us in the past, you will get a 15% off coupon. If you didn't, you will still get a 10% off coupon.
  3. When we ship your missal we will include a $10 gift card towards a future purchase!


Is anyone else on the Internet or locally offering any deal even remotely close? We didn't think so. Go ahead and reserve your copy now!


Reserve my Sunday Missal for just $10.


Reserve my Daily Missal for just $10.


Don't forget that you not only get between 10% and 15% off your new missal but you also get an additional $10 gift card just because you pre-ordered!


Facebook Only Special


Did you get your 15% off coupon this week? If you were a Facebook fan of Aquinas and More you did! Don't miss out on our next Facebook-only special, become of a fan of our store today!

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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